The College boasts of a rich library that houses more than 40000 books on different subjects complemented with several magazines, many journals and newspapers.

Number of Books : 42996
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Language Lab

Language can be defined as the method of human communication, either oral or written, consisting the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

Language Lab is a place where students get chance t
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The College has adequate facilities for games and sports. The students participate in various games and has achieved remarkably at various levels of participation.
The Annual Sports Day has always been a much a
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Health Centre

The College has adequate Health Center facility intended to provide primary treatment or first aid facility for students and staff.
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The Canteen facility provides the day scholars with ready to eat stuff as well as a healthy space for utilizing their leisure.
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Common Room

The Common Room is an integral part of the College that aids the students to utilize their leisure creatively. It facilitates out-of-the-class exchanges among students.
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